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Crossroads was formed as a vision of wanting to bring multiple disciplines of motorcycle racing together and create something a little different, while providing a safe, fun, and fair experience for all racers and spectators.

We want to bring the “Fun” factor back into off road racing and provide a family oriented series for all to enjoy. We feel Off Road racing needs to come together as one family with the same goals and expectations. 

The hybrid track will offer spectators much more opportunity to see the racing action multiple areas of the lap without having to cover a lot of ground. The course will be shorter, allowing for more laps and closer racing. The shorter tack distance also allows for easier course clearing during the race assisting in staying on-time. 

All Crossroads races will be a two day format. All motorcycles will run on Saturday starting at 8:30 am (local time). We will provide family fun activities every Saturday evening after the conclusion of all races. Sunday will consist of all quad races and will start at 8:30 am (local time).

We are always looking for ways to improve our series and are always open to comments or suggestions, so please feel free to contact us.  

We wish every rider the best of luck, be safe, and most of all have fun. Be fierce competitors on the track and best friends in the pits! 


Thank you 
Mike Dezsi 

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