Staunton MX

5700 N. Cory Staunton Rd.

Brazil, IN  47834

05/26/18 - 05/28/18

Staunton MX officially opened in 2015 and has hosted MX, XC, GP, and special events.


Located in the heart of off-road racing, Staunton MX is an off-road riders dream. Consisting of a top caliper, natural terrain, outdoor style mx track, a true grand prix track nestled in the woods, an enduro-x course, and miles of trails, there is something for every type of riding enthusiast.


Staunton MX is located at the site of the now closed Chinook Coal mine. The old mine property was a hot bed for riders from the late 1960’s to the late 1980’s until the facility was closed down. Staunton MX consists of approximately 330 acres of prime riding grounds which includes the heart of the original riding grounds so many locals grew up riding. In fact, there are many original sections of trail still incorporated in today’s trails.